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Co-Q10 softgel/capsule

Introduction of CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone or ubiquinol) is a fat soluble, vitamin-like substance synthesized and found in virtually all cells of the humman body, espicially the heart, kidneys and liver. The best sources of Co-Q10 in the diet are from organ meats taken frombeef, port and chicken. The best vegetarian sources are broccoli, spinach, soybean oil and palm oil. Supplement manufacturers make Co-Q10 from mainly yeast and bacterial fermentation.


Co-Q10's most wellknow biological property is its antioxidant action. Oxidation (a loss of electrons) is the damaging result of external stressors such as radiation, pollution, heavy metal toxicity, alcohol, drugs, infection and aging. Co-Q10 can protect the body from the adverse effects of oxidation by inactivating damaging molucules known as free radicals.
Co-Q10 also converts oxidized vitamins like vitamin C and E back into their reduced form so that they can perform their vital functions as antioxidants in the body.
Co-Q10 is a membrane stabilizer for all cells, prventing breeches in the lining of all cells, including platelets.
Co-Q10 helps create energy in all cells by helping to generate ATP, needed for mitochondrial enzymatic reactions commonly referred to in biochemistry as the "electron transfer chain".

Proventive and Therapeutic applications
   Cardiovascular Disease
Studies indicate that Co-Q10 in a dose of 100mg twice daily for a period of two weeks can lower blood pressure an average of 20 points within 12 weeks. It may therefore be an important way of controlling mildly elevated blood pressure.
   Cardiac Drug Protection
Statin drugs are used to lower blood levels of cholesterol. Unfortunately, they also deplete the body of Co-Q10.This produces painful muscle damage that can often be at least partially offset by Co-Q10 supplements.

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