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kidney bean extract Capsule(phase 2)

Descriptions of Soy Isoflavone:

The White Kidney Bean plant (Phaseolus vulgaris) is native to Peru, Europe and the Indies. The seeds contain sulfur, and while uses for the whole plant exist, the seeds are most commonly used to treat a variety of common ailments.

White Kidney Beans have been used in traditional medicine systems for the treatment of a variety of ailments. The only scientifically verified benefit of white kidney bean seeds is the ability of white kidney beans to act as a "starch blocker" - a blocker of the alpha-amylase enzyme.

Functions of white kidney bean extract:

♥ White kidney bean extract promotes healthy weight management and healthy weight loss, and is currently the best starch blocking product developed

♥ White Kidney Bean Carb Intercept is a dietary supplement that features Phase2 Carb Controller Complex, a unique combination of White Kidney Bean Extract and Food bound Chromium.

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