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Reishi mushroom capsule

Descriptions of Reishimushroom:

Ganoderma lucidum – known as Reishi, has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for at least 5000 years. It is known in China as Ling Zhi, and is considered to be “The Mushroom of Immortality. All TCM doctors know that Reishi is the most potent adaptogen available. Adaptogens are those herbs and other substances that increase the body’s resistance to stress and help it overcome health challenges more quickly.

Reishi’s immune-supporting compounds include an array of unique polysaccharides, triterpenes, and other constituents, many of which assist activation of the cell surface receptors that modulate normal immunity.

Functions of Reishimushroom Extract:

♥ Immune System Aid:
Reishi mushrooms contain beta-glucans, one of the most effective and powerful immune system boosters that we know of. By increasing the amount of beta-glucans in your body, you can protect against a vast range of potential diseases and reduce the signs of aging.

♥ Cancer Prevention and Treatment.||Cognitive Disorders||Anti-Inflammatory Qualities||High Blood Pressure

♥ Detoxify the Body.
Our livers are delicate and essential organs, so decreasing the level of toxins in our body and liver is a huge goal for human health. Studies have linked reishi mushroom extracts to faster regeneration of healthy liver cells and a release of free radicals that have built up in that organ, thereby promoting overall health and wellness in our system.

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