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 Product No:371502003   Increases testosterone & IGF1 levels   Decreases estrogen levels
  Increases muscle mass   Boosts the immune system
Cordyceps Ginseng Capsule

Descriptions of Ginseng and cordyceps:

Panax ginseng enhances physical performance, improving coordination, increasing sexual potency, and reducing cholesterol. There is also strong evidence that ginseng can help the body fight off infection, protect liver and heart health, normalize cholesterol and blood sugar levels, regulate the function of hormones, and improve memory and cognitive functions. People taking ginseng often report overall improvement in well-being.

Cordyceps was in relatively short supply until modern advances in growing techniques made it more widely available to consumers. Cordyceps helps increase cellular energy metabolism, boosts adrenal functions to adapt to stress, modulates immune function, increases capillary circulation, and improves oxygen utilization.

Benefits of codyceps and ginseng:

Cordyceps delivers increased energy, reduces fatigue and aids with physical recovery.

Ginseng aids longevity, improves the body's immune system and your body's sense of wellbeing.

♥Enhances long term Energy levels
    ♥Enhances sexual function in Males and Females
    ♥Increase Stamina and Endurance
    ♥Increases ATP Oxygen utilisation at the cellular level (by up to 40%)
    ♥Revitalizes and increases performance of the respiratory function

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