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 Product No:371502003   Increases testosterone & IGF1 levels   Decreases estrogen levels
  Increases muscle mass   Boosts the immune system
Maca Capsule

Descriptions of Maca:

Maca is a root vegetable from Peru used traditionally as a medicinal plant for over 5000 years. Generally farmed by hand and grown free from pesticides and chemicals

It is mainly used for lack of libido, lack of energy, moodiness and fertility.

With maca, you have a safe, effective, nontoxic and non addictive way to significantly improve your overall well being, without the hazards of prescription drugs.

Benefits of maca capsules include: increased energy levels, increased libido, improved fertility, balanced hormones, reduced hot flashes, increased sexual function and significantly improved potency and sperm count.

Maca extract specification:
Macamide 0.6%, 2%, 4:1, 10:1

Health Benefits of maca:

♥ 1) Energy by balancing the endocrine system –thyroid, pituatary, pancreas & adrenal glands.
    ♥2) Wellbeing, vitality, emotional balance & stamina.
    ♥3) Osteoporosis –significant bone rebuilding & improvement in bone density.
    ♥4) Sexual dysfunction –balancing hormones.
    ♥5) Anti-ageing through promotion and balance of testosterone.

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