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 Product No:371502003   Fights Bacterial Infections   Balances Blood Sugar
 Reduces Cholesterol   Provides Relief from Rheumatism
Garlic Oil Softgel

Discriptions of garlic oil:

Garlic, perennial herb, Liliaceae Allium, is produced in various parts of China. A variety of medicinal values and health effects of garlic for the human body have been recorded in various ancient and modern literatures. It’s well known of being the "natural antibiotics" and "longevity promoter".

The garlic oil produces six major roles for the human body:

•Antibacterial, bactericidal and virus-killing effects;
•Lowering blood pressure with anticoagulation effect; prevention of arteriosclerosis; prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
•Lowering blood sugar and reducing the onset of diabetes;
• Protecting the liver and inhibiting tumor;
• It reduces cholesterol, eliminates cold and humidity in the body.
•Scavenging free radicals, improving immunity with anti-aging effects and enhancing physical strength;
• Lipid-lowering and weight-losing effect which is exerted by dissolving the fat particles and promoting fat decomposition.


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