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  Prevent Memory Loss   Supports Healthy Hair & Skin
Soybean Lecithin Softgel

Descriptions of Soybean Lecithin :

Lecithin is also known as lecithol, vitellin, kelecin, and granulestin. Lecithin is a naturally occurring substance found in many foods like soybeans and egg yolks. Lecithin has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating liver disease. Lecithin has also been used to treat gallbladder disease, dementia related to Alzheimer's disease, age related loss of memory, and head injuries.

Fight memory loss :

An component in lecithin, called choline, may be just what you need. Your body uses choline to produce acetylcholine, a substance involved in learning, memory, muscle function, sleep, arousal, hormone secretion and circulation.

Heart health and more :

Also abundant in lecithin is inositol, a B-vitamin-like substance. Your body uses inositol to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within the normal range, grow healthy hair and skin, and help break down body fat.


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