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 Product No:371502003  Building blocks of muscle   Intermediates in metabolism
 Help enzyme production   Normalizing moods
Amino Acid Softgel/Capsule/Tablet

Descriptions of Amino Acid products:

This product can be made into three kinds of dosage form: softgels, capsules and tablet.It has long been established that protein is an essential nutrient that needs to be obtained from our diets. Protein is an indispensable requirement for the growth and maintenance of any living creature. However, the ultimate value of a source of protein is its amino acid composition.

A protein molecule is a long chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds (i.e., an amino acid linked to another amino acid). Dietary protein is digested and absorbed into amino acids. Within the body, these amino acids play central roles both as building blocks of the body’s proteins and as intermediates in metabolism, controlling virtually all cellular processes and reactions in living cells.

Amino acids are responsible for the production of all the body’s enzymes (including digestive enzymes), but they also play a key role in normalizing moods, concentration, aggression, attention, and sleep. Amino acids contribute significantly to the health of the nervous system, muscular structure, hormone production, vital organs, and cellular structure. More important, many physiological processes relating to exercise require amino acids for energy, recovery, muscle hypertrophy, and strength gains. Scientists, experts, and medical professionals all agree that getting enough amino acids in one’s diet is an important factor in maintaining proper nutrition. (To be continued.....)

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