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 Product No:371502003   Increases testosterone & IGF1 levels   Decreases estrogen levels
  Increases muscle mass   Boosts the immune system
ZMA Tablet/Capsule

Descriptions of ZMA:

Each mineral in ZMA tablet is an essential part of testosterone production, and precise amounts are supplied the correct ratio to give you optimum testosterone levels.

Zinc – A critical mineral in protein synthesis and cell growth (including muscle cell growth). An integral mineral in testosterone production.

Magnesium – Essential for bone strength, your immune system, muscle contractions and a healthy nervous system. Another integral mineral in testosterone production.

Vitamin B6 – An important vitamin for an active lifestyle, and optimises ZMA mineral absorption.

It is very common that magnesium and zinc deficiency in athletes. What this means for your testosterone:

If you regularly weight train or carry out intense exercise, then your body will use up significant amounts of zinc and magnesium. Diet alone may be unable to replace and supply enough of these minerals which are essential in testosterone production. That means your natural testosterone levels could be limited due to magnesium and zinc deficiencies. Testosterone is the major hormone which regulates muscle mass, so if it isn’t as high as you can get it, then you’re likely missing out on more muscle growth.

Take ZMA = Increase testosterone = More muscle growth, mass and strength

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