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  • Product Category: Product HOT PRODUCT
  • product description:Burn fat for energy Ketogenic  weight  loss Enhance Mental Focus and Drive Minimize carbohydrate absorption Increase in strength, stamina, and overall productivity
  • Herbal and botanical essences: apple cider, chitason, Garcinia extract, kidney bean extract, cayenne pepper extract, L-carnitine, green tea extract, ,Guarana Extract (Seed), Pomegranate extract(fruit), Pepper extract, Bitter orange extract etc .

    Perfect formula for perfect you!

    Private label manufacturing

     Our aim is to provide the highest quality, scalable nutraceutical manufacturing with superior customer support. 

     With our complete in house team we are your one stop shop to get everything you need to manufacture and sell your line of private label supplements. Get your supplements manufactured, bottled, labeled, packaged and shipped all from one place. Save your company time and money today.


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