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Our company specializes in dietary supplements in forms of tablet, capsule, softgels, granules and Compound Plant Extract Powder based on our advanced equipment,
The powder dosage such as creatine powder, glutamine powder, soy protein, whey protein powders in bottle or foil bag package can be contracted manufactured for your choice.

Pressing Tablets: Tablets in different shapes with various nutritions for your choice.

Softgel Capsules: Softgels in different shapes with different nutritions for your choice.

Sustained release capsule:Sustained release capsules with all kind of vitamins and other herbal function herbal extract functional ingrediens.

Filling Capsules: Animal Gelatin Capsules, Plant Geletin Capsules for your choice.

Tablet coating: Transparent thin film coatings, colored coatings for your choice.

Compound powders and granules producing: Instant granules, suspension granules compounded with different nutritions for your choice

Pckage: bottle include PE bottle, PET transparent bottle,PET colored bottle,Blisters,foil bag, etc.

Scientific research: Have a cooperative relationship with many Research Institutions, Testing Center at home and abroad, to ensure the quality of products. .

Management Principle: "Quality first, Credibility first".

Management Ethics: supply green, pure natural dietary supplement to all over the world.


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