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Monascus red
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    Red Rice Red is also called black rice red. It is obtained from Chinese traditional food black rice. Red rice red is kind of anthocyanin which is called cyanidin chloride and its glycoside . It gives a stable dark red shade in acid condition. It has a good stability to light and heat but it is weak to oxidation. Red Rice Red is recommended to be used in acidic food or other foods which is stored in fridge.


    Red Yeast Rice Extract can strengthen the spleen and digestion, the role of blood circulation.
    Red Yeast Rice Extract for lowering blood pressure, lower total cholesterol, reductase inhibitors, direct inhibition of HNG-coA reductase, blocking cholesterol synthesis.
    Red Yeast Rice Extract can reduce the hybrid in the type of familial and non-familial high cholesterol blood serum of patients with serum cholesterol levels.


    1. As raw materials of drugs for lowering blood pressure and Alzheimer's disease, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;
    2. As active ingredient of products for improving blood circulation and benefiting stomach, it is mainly used in health product industry;
    3. As food supplements and natural pigment, it is widely used in food industry.


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